Tuesday, October 04, 2005

...and the winner is....

One thing my friend Ryan used to do a lot was post results from search engines that led people to his page. I've done this a couple times, so I think I'll do it again. Here are the results for Adventurepan, rated from most to least frequent (though I should mention that #2 was only searched for a total of 5 times):

  • adventurepan
  • "Andrew Hong" AND "Marine Corps"
  • "Andrew Hong" Marine
  • son of clownops
  • "Andrew Hangi Hong"
  • war of the worlds tripod clips
  • i am a fascist
  • Japanese festival--Obon
  • airborne tattoo
  • motorscooter pics.
  • blogs: motorscooter
  • disembowlment pics
  • awesome god
  • "Andrew Hong" and Marine
  • chris farley chip in dales
  • pictures of the god pan
  • compulsive liars

    As you can see, people looking for fat koreans and "Awesome Gods" have stumbled upon my blog on more than a few occasions. This makes me kind've happy cuz I post here fairly infrequently, and when I do post, it's usually a bunch of bullshit anyway. Plus I hate obese Koreans and organized religion. Go figure.

    Blogger Jinxy said...


    Number 5!

    I used to get links from people looking for "Talking Filthy To Me While Dressed Up Like A Baby".

    Don't know why.

    4:41 AM  
    Blogger That Guy said...


    I love posting that stuff. I have been sooooo busy, but plan to return to blogging action soon. I work for NY Life now, good times. Good people, no bullshit like back at UBS. Those jerk offs...

    Can't wait till you get to NY brotha...should be fun.

    How's your life insurance situation?? :p

    1:22 AM  
    Blogger That Guy said...

    oh wait...

    I used to get the most links to my site, by a long shot, from people searching for info about "Vanessa Williams' Herpes." So I would pour more fuel on the fire by posting that people found me by searching for it, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle on that diseased monkey...

    1:24 AM  

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