Sunday, September 04, 2005

Wow, killer abs!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand guess who made an appearance last night??? You guessed it!!

My inner retard!!!!

Fortunately this guy didn't come out.

That's right, my inner Chris Farley auditioning for Chip'n'Dales. Even more fortunate is the fact that the two didn't come out at the same time. That's been known to happen.

OK, so yeah, I haven't been drinking a lot lately, but old habits die hard, i,e. even though I haven't been drinking, I drank like a seasoned Irishman. Also, since me going out is kinda rare, my friends were feeding me shots. I can honestly say that I got "Okinawa Drunk." I wasn't quite Guam drunk, but I was definitely Okinawa drunk. The only cool thing about the night is that I spent less than $20.

So yeah, as I write this I feel pretty pathetic. I'm proud of the fact that I can get blackout drunk for under $20 in the most expensive city in the world. That's right, for the low, low price of 2000yen, Mr Paullystan can drink close to a bottle of vodka, tell his friends to "go fuck themselves" for no reason, torture his friends' girlfriends, pass out on the stairs, and dry heave all morning.

But what a killer ab workout!

So I crashed at my friend's house, and he had to go to work at about 10 so I was left to my own devices. I had absolutely no idea where I was, 'cuz I don't remember the trip home at all, nor did I remember the walk home. I was even surprised to find out that he lived on the 3rd floor, cuz I didn't remember walking up stairs. The only thing I remembered was that for some reason there was a unicycle sitting outside his apartment. Funny what sticks in your mind. Anyway, I left at about 2pm, and instead of wandering around aimlessly I asked some people where the train station was. An old dude on a bike gave me shitty directions and rode off, so I asked a lady and she was more helpful. I have no idea how old she was, but she walked with me part of the way. I was pretty chatty and started telling her about how I had no idea where I was cuz my friend went off to work. That's one of the things I miss about the USA -- in Japan, there really isn't that much small talk. People who don't know each other don't chitchat ever, so it's kinda lonely sometimes. A lot of times you ask someone a simple question and they look at you like you have horns coming out of your head. Or they insist on speaking broken English, so it takes 10 minutes for them to spit out something simple. I think I'm gonna start chitchatting with people just because I know it freaks them out. And by "people" i mean "hot chicks". hehehe

Anyway, it's labor day weekend. Am I gonna go out tonight? I dunno. I'd kinda like to be somewhat productive tomorrow, but there's a reeeaalllllyy good reggae party that I kinda wanna go to. I dunno.

More later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that "Okinawa Drunk" was when you tell your friends that your going to grab something to eat and then you don't go back...??

6:27 AM  
Anonymous sarma said...

Thought I would actually leave you a comment. didn't know that non bloggers could. I love free nights like that! The best is when you "forget your wallet" aka, I know you guys will buy me drinks. Wish I was there to party like that. Today I went to the posh "Chilis" to dine on fine grub and crappy beer. But you know how I am by this time. Plenty of times I remember the unicylce outside the door yet not the walk up stairs or the plane ride there.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Jinxy said...

I call that persona "Bad Jinxy". He generally only comes out when I start drinking liquor, and he can be a real asshole.

Mrs. Jinxy hasn't seen him in a while. She hides the bottles.

12:45 PM  
Blogger boudica of suburbia said...

Aw go out, get hammered. You only live once. Then again you only die once so maybe you should wear a crash helmet out.


11:17 AM  
Blogger Jinxy said...

Time for a new post.

9:02 PM  
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