Friday, November 25, 2005

Flash in the Adventurepan? I know not.

What can I say? Things have been travelling at the speed of light, and it's all I can do to hold on.

I took a bit of an ass chewing for posting on another blog while neglecting to post on my own. This was a first blogasschewing, and since I'm pretty low on the Blogum Pole, I raced over here and began posting. I know where I stand. Would hate for someone to think I didn't know my place.

I have a second reason to write this blog at 2:30am on the day before I leave for the USA... I've been trying not to get un-jetlagged during my stay in the USA. 1 week is shitty for the reason that, should I become un-jetlagged, I'd show up to work on Monday and still be jetlagged. Fuck that. I'll just keep weird hours over here.

Seriously though.

Things have certainly been moving fast for me in a number of different areas of my life. I've been living a monk-like existence over the past few months, and some of you are privy to certain events that certainly shattered that lifestyle (or just made me look like a real ass. Contact me for details). In any case, I've been a might preoccupied.

I'm currently in New Jersey. I drove up here from DC, where I was from Friday to now [Turkey Day], before which I was in New York City. Did I mention I was in the USA for just one week? This would explain why I haven't called some of you, for which I offer my sincerest apologies. I was stretched thin. Here's the rundown:

Cool city. I was a little skeptical -- a lot of people I've met from New York City have been real fucktards, so I was weary. However, my local guide showed me the side of the city that he knew would appeal to me (dive bars, Korean restaurants, ethnic shit), and I enjoyed meeting and talking to the locals.

Here's my guide:

He's not a sherpa guide. He's a Korean American guide, and I'd like to say that he's is easily the most generous host I've had in any city. I owe him (and his girlfriend) big for their generosity and hospitality. Amazing.

DC is DC, though the social nexus / hub of all my friends in DC relocated. I feel really guilty that I wasn't able to call more people, but I simply couldn't make the time. I was awake when people were at work, I was asleep when I could have called, and I'd wake up at like 11pm which was too late to call. Ugh.

New Jersey:
Thanksgiving was a hoot. I saw sorta-relatives (i,e. relatives of my uncle who is married to my dad's sister) who I haven't seen in 21 years. It hurts me that I can say that, and I remember playing with these people when I was younger. "Wow, it's been 20 years. We watched Live Aid on TV."

In any case, they're all from Peru, so Thanksgiving will end up something like this:

OK, I know what you're probably asking yourself:
"Is he brushing the teeth of that donkey jawbone?"

And the answer is no. It's a musical instrument, and it sounds cool. I mean, yeah, it's a donkey jawbone, but that was before some industrious South Americans turned it into a musical instrument. My cousin was rockin out on some drums earlier. It was awesome.

Unfortunately I was not able to see as many movies as I would have liked to've seen. I saw Walk the Line and thought that the performances were outstanding, both on the stage and off. I saw a lot movie previews that I probably won't ever be seeing, which sucks. MUNICH looks good, though the idea of an elite Israeli assassin squad having anything resembling feelings and a conscious is, as we all know, complete bullshit. Seriously. Who knows what I'll be seeing in the theatres in Japan, but rest assured, it's gonna cost me a fuckload of money. Movies in Japan ain't cheap.

OK, so the holiday season is upon us, so I should have something that upsets me enough to write about it.


Blogger Jinxy said...

I have no idea what is going on with your personal life but I'm glad you're back.

Munich does look good.

The Hulk killing A-rabs!

10:34 PM  
Anonymous brando said...

Stone cold assassins have feelings too.

1:54 PM  

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