Thursday, July 12, 2007


Woe, this whole blogging thing just hasn't been happening lately, as I settle into my new little life. I've definitely had a lot of material because I work in bizarro world, but the whole "blogging things about work" seems like a really bad idea, and after I 'sanitize' my posts as much as I can to avoid getting in trouble of hurting people's feelings, it just doesn't really sound as good or as funny. I'd hate for someone that I have to work with every day to read about how much of a dumbfuck I thought they or spouse or child was, and even if I'm vague about it it'd be really obvious who I was talking about because there are so many creepsters running around.

I'm going to Okinawa next week and the DC area next month for bizniss, which completely rocks, so mark your calendars. Okinawa will definitely produce a good post because my year there in the Marines had such a profound impact on my future, i,e. realizing that the "real Marine Corps" wasn't somewhere I wanted to stay, and that Japan was. All my best friends down there have pretty much left -- Okinawa is depressed in a lot of ways and can be rough on people -- but I know a few folks and can't wait to stop by and see them. Literally. Cuz they call work at bars. I can't wait to eat some taco rice with cheese, which is Okinawa's mana from heaven, and (according to that wikipedia article) originated where I spent an inappropriate amount of time -- Kin, aka "Kinville", right outside Camp Hansen. If you look at that Kinville article, it has pictures of some bars in Kin. I like looking at that site because I have a funny story involving all three or so of them (Champion, Orion, Blue Hawaii), two of which involved one of my friend getting attacked by a group of filipinas (which I knew would happen as soon as he went in so I stayed outside) or another friend being beat up by 6 gunnys who mistook him for someone else.

Sea stories are way more funny when told in person, so instead of boring you all, I'll leave you with this picture of my wife I made on a southpark character generator. I'm so dead.



Blogger cyberninja said...

I hear you about the blog work concerns/apathy. Its nice to have a blog and keep in touch with everybody, but sometimes it's too much trouble to think of a post.

You know what we need? A forum. With threads and the whole bit. Then we can get rid of our individual blogs and form the Scanventurepandodojo Forum. Where there can be separate thread subgroups for discussions about video games, english-is-a-second-language-barfights, and liberals/food.

12:45 PM  
Blogger A Unique Alias said...

Lemme know where/when you end up in the DC area; I owe you a beer for the entertainment.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Hammer said...

Blogging about work = unwise.

Blogging about your marriage = all extra unwise, not to mention inherently inappropriate.

Often doesn't leave room for much else, I imagine. Just double-click Photoshop and make shit up, I always say.

As for you impending DC visit, Sweet Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ...

You are owed far more than one paltry beer, good sir. Please shoot details to AUA and I at your earliest opportunity. I have a couple of short vacation trips I want to take in August, but there are no set dates for them, and I'd hate to miss out on what will likely be the only chance we knuckleheads will ever have to knock back cold ones in person.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Yeah. I think it's funny what people will put on the innerwebs these days as far as work and marriage go.

I did a little test and found that if I put my real name in google I can eventually find this blog. I also found some messages that I posted on newsgroups in 1996.

it's almost like what happens on the internet stays on the internet -- FOREVER -- so be careful what you write.

I'll shoot you an email about DC information. It'd be awesome to have a few beers, get my ass kicked in pool, chainsmoke, make fun of DC bloggers, and talk about quantum physics with you guys for an evening.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paully, I say you should continue to do what you must to entertain the masses (do 6 people qualify as "the masses"?) at the possible expense of your career or relationships.

How about a little sacrifice?


PS: My wife and I had a little ARTO last Friday, and he doesn't look like any of the other guys in my circle of friends - Score!!

5:23 AM  

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