Sunday, May 22, 2005

Get thee back, Motorscooter. Thou doth not know me like that!

  • Funniest mental image from the weekend:

    The funniest mental image that I will take from this weekend and hopefully, forever, is the image if a little tiny Japanese girl screaming the following lyrics from a Ludacris song (at the top of her littly tiny lungs):

    That got 3 minutes and however many seconds of belly laughter from yours truly. I guess you had to be there. Almost as funny as the dead-cockroach-in-the-shotglass-incident a few weeks ago.

  • Another funny incident of the night:

    A Japanese guy drunk and unconscious wearing a shirt that said "I Climbed the Great Wall of China." For some reason that was funny to me. Plus I have the same shirt. And I saw a guy on base wearing one the day before..... Fate?

  • Most hysterical quote from the weekend:

    Maybe you saw on the news that a British tabloid got hold of some pictures of Saddam Hussein running around in his underoos and a serious hairdo. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate pictures. It wasn't an American tabloid, so whatever - they could have posted a picture of him sleeping and it would have caused the OUTRAGE I mentioned in the below posting. One woman was quoted as saying that the President of any nation shouldn't be treated like this. Fair enough, though part of me wonders where all the "outrage" is about roadside executions of civilians and beheading Japanese citizens. I guess she thought Hussein-san was an OK cat afterall. Here's one of the pictures:

    Nice granny pants, homie.

    They interviewed another guy, who's quote was almost as funny as the quote from some Japanese guy in a previous post on Adventurestan. The quote was the following, reacting to such vile pictures of Hussein being published:

    "Iraq is a civilized nation and we are civilized people."

    This quote also gets the same official response from the previous funny quote:


    Yeah.. Real fucking civilized. Forgive me for being flippant.

  • Coolest Reality TV show of the Weekend:

    The Contender. Hands down. That's a good show.

    I saw a really good episode of 3rd Watch on Friday too. It's not Reality TV, but it was good shit.

    Friday night I went out with people from the "office." The only Japanese employees invited were the young women, which I thought was funny, but not surprising in the least because everyone I work with is a perv. And married. That makes for a funny combination 'cuz people who are married don't typically drink very much. I just sat back and watched the madness ensue. The best part is that on Monday, everyone will be cruising around like nothing happened. Japan rules apply, apparently. I'm proud to report that I didn't make a scene or anything like that.

    OK - that's all for now. Peace out!

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Everytime I think of the rapping Japanesecita, I laugh out loud. Spanks for the entertainment!

    Your sister

    12:15 AM  

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