Saturday, February 09, 2008

What's new?

What's new indeed.

Been a busy year.

Had the wedding ceremony. It was great -- the hotel we did it at did an awesome job. If you'd like to see a buttload of pictures, shoot me an email or give me your email address. One of the highlights of the day, for me, was when we were waiting to go back into the reception and there was a lady and two tiny kids in the lobby. The mommy gathered the kids together and said, "Look! Look at the Princess." I thought that was cute for some reason.

She looked great, and there were a lot of cool little things that happened at the wedding and reception that made it a really unique experience.

I decided to start workin on my masters. It's gettin' about time, and I don't really have an excuse not to have one anymore. At some point my career is going to take me back to the states, and it'll be nice to have something to show for it other than dead brain cells and fucked up ligaments. Either way, the amount of time it takes to compose a post can be better spent working on those classes. I'll definitely see what I can do though, and maybe stick to posts making fun of media stories. Those are always fun and emotionally cathartic. Those are always gems. I've never done online courses before, but it's a little bit like crack. I can't relax until the assignment is done, and even when it is done, there's "class participation" via the discussion board which weighs heavily on the grades, and sometimes it's hard to come up with something that sounds intelligent. So in the meantime, you might have to be content with me vandalizing your blog (if you have one) while I try not to neglect mine.

In other news, I'm now "management". I've been "management" since Sept, but only "filling in" until the position got filled. I guess I can't fake the funk anymore and should probably figure out what my job is and what I'm supposed to be doing at work. I've spent the last 3 years tricking everyone into thinking that I'm doing anything at work, so this should be a challenge. A full time job, if you will.

So yeah. Stay tuned for updates. You know where to find me...